Mariah Carey has been threatened with legal actions by some of her family members since 2020.

After releasing her memoir, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," the singer was sued by her sister last month and now, her older brother for defamation and for causing emotional distress.

According to court documents filed in New York Supreme Court on Wednesday, Morgan Carey accused the "We Belong Together" hitmaker of making up lies about him in her book.

Per TMZ, the lawsuit cites false passages in Mariah's book, including the one where she described her older brother as "violent and manipulative."

Because of the book, Morgan, a celebrity fitness trainer, reportedly suffered "serious damage to his reputation" not only to his personal affairs but also to business affairs.

The older brother, who currently lives in Hawaii, claimed that he lost out on a film project he was currently in negotiations with because of his famous sister's claims in her biography.

The suit further alleged that Morgan is bringing action more in "sorrow and disappointment" because of Mariah's betrayals and "malicious falsehoods."

The complaint also added that Morgan is not demanding any specific sum for damages but has filed the lawsuit to let everyone know that the damages written about him in Mariah Carey's book are "false and defamatory."

Mariah Carey's Accusations

One of the accusations Morgan Carey highlighted was the violence written in Mariah's book.

The "Through the Rain" hitmaker claimed in her book her older brother slammed their mom into the wall, which Morgan vehemently denied because those who know their family knows that Morgan and their mom are close, as per court documents.

The suit also mentioned how Mariah Carey also made it seem that her brother was trying to extort money from her when Morgan lent $5,000 for her to record her breakout album.

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In the book, the mom-of-two claimed that she paid back five thousand times over and "I would continue to pay and pay."

It was also said to be defamatory when Mariah called Morgan a "drunk-a** brother" and a drug dealer.


Not only was the Grammy-winning singer named on the suit, but her co-author Michaela Angela Davis was also mentioned, as well as Andy Cohen, whose publishing company was involved in the memoir and Macmillan Publishing Group.

Sister's Lawsuit

Morgan Carey's lawsuit comes one month after their older sister, Alison Carey, also sued Mariah for $1.25 million for emotional distress.

The lawsuit claimed that Mariah Carey made claims against her sister without any substantial evidence.

The lawsuit also claimed despite reportedly knowing her sister is damaged and broken from previous traumatic events, the "All I Want for Christmas is You" singer used her status to attack her "penniless sister" to promote her book.

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