David Beckham will soon add one more skill to his resumé besides being an athlete, a businessman, and a model.

The 45-year-year British footballer has reportedly signed a seven-figure deal with digital streaming platform Disney+.

According to The Sun, David Beckham was approached by the company to make a new TV series about underprivileged young football players.

And what has the dad-of-four thought of this upcoming project?

An insider revealed to the outlet, "He was very taken with the idea because it reflects his own experiences growing up."

"Plus, he's still so committed to young talent in the game."

David Beckham, whose wife is Victoria Beckham, grew up in London during a challenging time. The upcoming series will reveal the importance of the sport in giving young people a goal and a sense of community.


The source shared that Beckham's role will be a mentor for the group, and because of his past experiences of coming from nothing to becoming the best football player in the world, he is the perfect person for the project.

"He'll be seen helping to inspire and encourage these youngsters on their journeys," they added.

According to The Mirror, casting will start this week in East London after filming on the previously delayed show.

David Beckham Reality Show

News of David Beckham's deal with Disney+ comes after reports last year of the Beckhams landing an $20 million deal with Netflix to produce a reality show about their lives.

The story will reportedly talk about the famous athlete's life and career and show some of his family's archives throughout the years and show exclusive access to their projects.

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There are also even interviews with David and Victoria Beckham's kids - Brooklyn (21), Romeo (18), Cruz (15), and Harper Seven (9).

David Beckham Growing Up

David Beckham grew up in Leytonstone in East London.

At a young age, he adopted his parents' love for the football team Manchester United.

His dad Ted used to make balls out of rolled-up socks for David to kick. By four years old, David honed his technique for several hours a week in the park just near his home.


In a 2007 interview, the former Manchester United star revealed that whenever the teacher asked what they want to do when they're older, he would always answer, "' I want to be a footballer."

By seven years old, he joined Manchester United's youth training scheme, and at the age of sixteen, his talent soon caught notice by team officials of Manchester United. At 19, he started playing for the club.

Now, David Beckham has net worth of $450 million as per CelebrityNetWorth.

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