Tiger Woods' recent car crash accident resulted in multiple emergency surgeries again, but it was just part of his injuries-filled years as a golfer.

On Feb. 23, Woods' agent Mark Steinberg confirmed that Woods needed to undergo surgery after suffering from multiple leg injuries.

Woods was first admitted to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center wherein he received the urgent orthopedic care he needed. The hospital's interim CEO/CMO and trauma care team did not disclose further information then.

However, it did announce that the hospital transferred the golfer to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for continuing care and recovery.

Tiger Woods' Injuries

After his incident happened, FOX Sports' injury and performance analyst revealed the exact details about Woods' injuries.

According to the former New England Patriots physician, the golfer particularly gained an injury to his right lower leg. He pointed out that the injury pattern can be sustained by people in high-speed motor vehicles.

Dr. Provencher said that Tiger Woods' injuries include open tibia and fibula fractures. It remains unclear whether the golfer also had an ankle fracture but if he did, the Lisfranc injury could affect his ankle's mobility and function.

He added that the injury damaged the soft tissues surrounding the tibia. The blood coming from these areas can possibly cause the calf compartment to swell.

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The news outlet went on to reveal that Woods had a titanium nail installed in his tibia and his calf compartment released during the surgery.

"A high-speed injury such as this can cause significant debilitation, loss of strength, pain, early arthritis and loss of joint motion - especially in the foot and ankle," FOX Sports wrote.

It also noted that if the talus truly got injured, it would affect Woods' overall performance as a golfer.

For what it's worth, he sustained these health conditions while recovering from his fifth back surgery. His body condition led him to lie low from golf this season.

Currently, the exact prognosis and recovery remain unknown. Unfortunately, only a few athletes managed to come back to sports after suffering from such grave injuries.

Can Tiger Woods Play Golf Again?

Still, it is worth mentioning that Washington Football team quarterback Alex Smith suffered a similar injury and came back to football last year.

Smith had to undergo 17 surgeries and be on hiatus for two years. He also developed an infection and sepsis while trying to get back on track.

Tiger Woods, for his part, won the 2019 Masters - two years after receiving his fourth back surgery and eight months after receiving his fifth knee surgery.

Nobody knows what the future holds for him. But if he recovers soon, it will surely take him a long time to come back again.

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