Jamie Spears' legal team dropped another update about the status of Britney Spears' conservatorship.

For 13 years, Jamie has been serving as Britney's conservator. This set-up allows him to control her life and career.

Though the Free Britney Movement continuously makes noises for years now, Jamie's legal team revealed that the daughter never filed a motion to terminate the conservatorship.

On Tuesday, Holland & Knight LLP lawyer Vivian L. Thoreen revealed that Britney can request a termination at any time. However, through that 13 years of being under conservatorship, the singer reportedly did not create any document to cancel the set-up.

In her statement to People, Thoreen added that the courts are periodically assessing Britney's best interests. That way, they can assure that Britney would not repeat the history again.

As quoted by the news outlet, the lawyer said, "From the beginning, the court has closely monitored Britney's situation, including through annual accountings and in-depth reviews and recommendations from a highly experienced and dedicated court investigator who annually meets at length with Britney and all involved in her conservatorship."

Truth Behind Britney Spears' Conservatorship?

Thoreen went on to reveal that Britney's Conservatorship of the Estate was previously co-managed by a private professional fiduciary with the help of Jamie. This continued until 2019.

During that year, the "Toxic" singer requested for his father to be the only conservator of her estate. The Conservatorship of the Person, which has been subject to the scrutiny of interviews, was managed by that private professional fiduciary.

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Jamie, on the other hand, has reportedly performed his duties as one of the singer's conservators. Thoreen added that the court knows how the 68-year-old patriarch cares and loves his daughter so much.

"Any time Britney wants to end her conservatorship, she can ask her lawyer to file a petition to terminate it; she has always had this right but in 13 years has never exercised it," Thoreen continued.

However, she alleged that the 39-year-old singer knows that Jamie will always be there for her - conservatorship or not.

The news came after Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Jim Jordan proposed bringing such issues of conservatorship and guardianship to Capitol Hill.

Attorney Andrew Wallet was initially part of her conservatorship as a co-conservator. He resigned from the position in 2019.

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