Queen Elizabeth II has been known for her stoic approach. But losing her husband is a different story she has to deal with.

Following Prince Philip's funeral, multiple media websites claimed that the Queen did not cry throughout the procession. They also reasoned out that the head of state should always observe stoicism no matter what heartbreaking event comes in.

However, Queen Elizabeth II has feelings, too, and royal fans slammed the idea.

Multiple monarchy supporters retweeted the posts and shared their sentiments over unfair journalism.

One royal fan said, "She was married to man for over seventy years. What do you think?"

Another one wrote, "Is it just me or is it that our media covers royalty like British tabloids only worse.. Leave them all the - alone and let them mourn in peace."

Author and journalist Sophia Nelson also shared her reaction to the non-sense reporting.

"This is an awful headline. Just awful. She is human. She just lost her partner of 73 years. Of course she weeps. #WindsorCastle," she wrote.

Her Majesty cried during the ceremony, but the cameras failed to cover that due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, a photographer from the Royal Central appeared to have captured Queen Elizabeth II wiping away her tear as she drove away from Prince Philip's resting place.


Queen Elizabeth II's Capacity to Withhold Emotion

Throughout her reign, Queen Elizabeth II has been known for keeping her emotions inside and maintaining her composure. As the reigning monarch, she needs to look firm and staunch to wholly represent the British monarchy.

However, she has been seen tearing up multiple times in public - debunking all the claims that she never cried.

For instance, royal commentator Rachel Bowie told the "Royally Obsessed" podcast how the decommissioning of the Royal Yacht Britannia caused Her Majesty to weep in public.

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"I love the use that they got out of it. It was decommissioned in 1997," Bowie said. "I think it was just such a part of so many family memories for the entire royal clan."

The Queen and Prince Philip attended the decommissioning with 30,000 well-wishers in the Clydeside.

During the 2019 Remembrance Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II also let her guard down as soon as Prince Charles laid the first wreath. The event was held in honor of the fallen war heroes at the Cenotaph Memorial Central in London.

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