Tiger Woods shared his positive spirit again by sharing his first exclusive photo since the car crash.

To mark the second month anniversary of the accident, Woods flashed his iconic smile again and posed for a picture with his dog.

In a photo on an Instagram account, the golfer can be seen standing with the help of his crutches at one of his golf courses. Though he still wears a medical brace on his lower right leg and ankle, Woods positively stood up on his own feet beside his beloved dog,

"My course is coming along faster than I am. But it's nice to have a faithful rehab partner, man's best friend," he captioned the post.


Woods suffered from open fractures in his right leg, with a part of the bone broke through his skin.

The post immediately reached his fans, who expressed their ease, knowing that the World's No. 1 is doing good already.

One fan noticed how the golfer managed to build his upper body despite staying inside the hospital for weeks. They said, "You been hitting the upper body in the hospital still huh? Lol."

"Good to see you up and about! Heal fully," another one wished.

His post marks the first time he shared a glimpse of himself with the public after getting involved in a single-car crash.

What Happened to Tiger Woods?

In February, Woods shocked the world with his high-speed rollover crash that caused him injuries. During that time, he was driving his Genesis GV80 SUV through Rancho Palos Verdes.

Investigators found out through the black box that he drove between 82 to 87 MPH before it led to the crash. The car then went on to 75MPH before colliding with a tree. The authorities then ruled that what happened was purely an accident, the same statement Sheriff Alex Villanueva said initially, even without investigation.

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Despite announcing that the case was already closed, the public questioned why investigators did not do any sobriety tests to determine whether the golfer was impaired.

In response to this, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department released a 22-page report detailing what happened before and after Woods crashed his car.

Per Deputy Carlos Gonzales, Woods' injuries prevented them from performing the immediate tests. The team also reportedly found no alcoholic beverages or prescription medications inside the vehicle, making them rule out that it was an accident.

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