CW's The Flash is going to lose two key characters from the show, the next season won't look the same without Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) and Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells). Both actors have been in the show for 7 seasons before bidding their goodbyes.

The Flash is one of America's most successful TV series with a whopping 7 seasons and has been airing since 2014, season 8 is set to air next year and the cast is expected to have a shakeup.

Two of the original cast members are Carlos Valdes who plays the role of Cisco Ramon —Team Flash's resident nerd who's one of the creators of Flash's super-suit, his role was later on revealed to have metahuman powers and took the superhero persona of Vibe.— and Tom Cavanagh who takes on the role of Harrison Wells — a brilliant scientist, as well as Flash's nemesis, Eobard Thawne.

Cavanagh was originally set to end his role as a series regular after Season 6 but because of the pandemic shutdown, Cavanagh continued to film three episodes of Season 7 for the sake of storylines. He's been credited as a guest star since.

Executive Producer and showrunner Eric Wallace issued a statement to Deadline regarding the actors' departure from the show "Tom and Carlos have been an integral part of our show for seven seasons and will be greatly missed,"

Wallace also added that both actors are welcome for future appearances "Both are incredible talents who created beloved characters that fans and audiences around the world have come to love. Which is why we are happily keeping the door open for return appearances." the executive producer stated.

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How will this exit affects the show's plot?

Ever since season 6 introduced Chester Runk and Allegra Garcia (both characters remained as a regular until Season 7) as new members of Team Flash, the show lessen their focus on Cisco and Harrison because the writers already knew that the actors will leave the series.

The biggest lost in the plot is their contribution to Team Flash because one character is key to a certain problem. Harrison Wells is a scientist that always solve science technology-related issues within the team. On the other hand, the group will also lose its resident techy geek Cisco Ramon/Vibe who has the power to read other people's thoughts.

Another big mystery is the future of Cisco Ramon's (Carlos Valdes) girlfriend Kamilla Hwang? It is still uncertain whether Kamilla will stay for Season 8 or will also exit the show alongside her love interest.

There is still a void on how Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash's (Tom Cavanagh) character will continue. There is still no confirmation on how their characters will carry on but one thing's for sure, their characters will have an open-ended plot in the finale because the showrunner already stated that the show is open for future guest appearances from both actors.

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