TV talk show host Wendy Williams gave her honest take on Ellen DeGeneres after the host announced that "The Ellen Show" will end after 19 years of airing.

In a recent episode of "The Wendy Williams Show," Williams didn't hold back in reacting to DeGeneres' recent announcement.

Williams began her take by shading Ellen's alleged toxic workplace environment after ex-employees came forward last year and revealed their situation while working on the show. 

"Well, 19 years is a very good run, congratulations to you, Ellen. Considering all you've been through during those 19 years including the workplace conditions, which by the way, I believe she's leaving because of the work place conditions, you know?" Williams said after watching a video clip of Ellen's announcement (watch the full episode below)

"Ellen, and here's the thing, I'm glad that you thanked your Ellen fans or whatever you call your nation, but 18 years, 19 years on TV doesn't change your life, it exposes you for the person that you really are." She continued.

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The talkshow host also revealed that she wasn't happy when she appeared on the show after watching the host's interview with Savannah Guthrie explaining that all the guests of her show experienced a happy atmosphere "I'm not sure that all the guests are happy. I was a guest, I wasn't happy." she stated.

"Every single day is hard, and we never know around here or any talk show, if you're cancelled and contracts schmontract, they will buy that contract out and send you on your giddy- up, you know?" she continued.

She then concluded her reaction by congratulating DeGeneres after a 19-year run of the show, "Congratulations though, Ellen, 19 years certainly is good. We've only been here for 12 years but if we can have a few more good years and I promise you, I will let everybody know around here years before it actually happens, that way you know how to save your money properly and maybe start applying to other shows. I won't be jealous, I'll be slightly offended."

On Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres announced that her long-running talk show will end in the spring of 2022 after 19 seasons. The talkshow host then had a sit-down interview with Savannah Guthrie explaining that the reason behind her show's ending is her "instinct" told her that "it's time"

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