Lady Gaga's fans popularly known as Little Monsters, think that their theories about the singer's 2011 music video are possibly true after she recently appeared in a documentary about mental health.

Trigger warning: sexual assault/rape

The Grammy-award winning singer discussed her sexual assault experience in the "The Me You Can't See" documentary. She mentioned that the situation left her broken and she even got pregnant from it.

In 2011, the Oscar-winning actress released her music video for "Marry The Night" which is an authobiographical story about herself. The story revolves around her being dropped by her first record label and highlights some scenes of her being in a hospital.

Fans have been writing their own theories since it was released on to what the music video is all about.


In a thread posted by a user named Dark Anatomy on Lady Gaga's fan forum Gagadaily, he details his own interpretation of the symbolisms behind the music video.

The user stated that the story began around 2005 or 2006 where she signed with Def Jam Records. The user alleges that Gaga must have been raped by someone who's working for the record label and that the singer got pregnant from the situation.

After the assault, the user assumes that the attacker had threatened Gaga if she didn't get an abortion. The user refers on the beginning of the music video where Gaga was taken to "a clinic".

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The scene shows the singer entering a recovery room accompanied by two nurses. A nurse told her that she cannot have intimacy for the next two weeks, the user stated that this proves Gaga got an abortion writing "Research shows that the cervics can be prone to infection and bleeding up to 2 weeks post-abortion"

The next scene shows Gaga in her appartment getting a call from her manager saying that she has been dropped by the record label. Gaga begins to have an emotional breakdown and "decided to re-invent herself for the sake of her dreams and the death of her unborn child."

Almost two years later after being dropped by the label, Gaga was signed with Interscope records as seen in the last shot of the music video showing the singer's palm with a handwritten note saying "Interscope Records, Hollywood, CA. 4PM"


After the shocking interview, fans took to social media to express their love for the singer as well as saying that the theories are true all these years.

"If you have been a fan for a long time, there was a theory about Marry The Night music video that Gaga was raped and got an abortion." a fan wrote on Facebook

"This is so heartbreaking. I love you so much, mom. :( I'm never gonna watch Marry The Night the same way again. I love you, @ladygaga." another fan wrote on Twitter

 Lady Gaga appeared in Apple TV's "The Me You Can't See" documentary about mental health. The singer had revealed that she got pregnant after she was sexually assaulted when she was 19. The singer stated that she will not say the name of the attacker and she doesn't want to face the person ever again.

The MTV VMA-award winning singer did not confirm whether the theories about her music videos are related to her recent statement.

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