"The Mazerunner" actor Dylan O'Brien comes back with another mind-blowing movie called "Flashback." Allegedly, the movie is a mirror to a real-life situation.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, "Flashback" is a new movie released by Lionsgate, which follows the character "Fred," starred by the one and only Dylan O'Brien. He's a young man trying to recall to what happened to a girl he went to school with. 

The actor claims that moviegoers will surely have a hard time understanding what exactly happened to the girl.  

Based on  this article, the movie centers around Fred and his friends looking through their past to gather information on what happened that night they all took a certain drug.

"You'll never know until you watch the movie, and even when you watch the movie, there's a really good chance that you don't know what just happened," star Dylan O'Brien shared.

"Teen Wolf" 2011 Series Actor Dylan O'Brien Opens Up On Self Quarter Life Crisis

According to the actor, he took the film during a "dormant time" in his career." However, he truly signed up to it because he found the role so intriguing. 

"I very much personally connected with it at the time," says the 29-year old star. "I am this guy right now in my life. I'm going through such similar things," he added. 

O'Brien explained how this movie has an interesting spin on a quarter-life crisis and is supported well by weird visuals shown throughout until the end. As much as O'Brien loved doing the the new film, he understands that not everyone is going to agree t is a good one.

The actor continued saying in the interview, "It's one of those movies that doesn't get made unless people are drawn to it."

"It's an original, weird, long-winding journey using this drug as a device to explore the emotional themes and patterns of one's life," he explained. 

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Fans Wowed As Dylan O'Brien With Sword Fight Skills For Another Movie "Infinite"

After showing an amazing performance in the movie "Flashback," Dylan O'Brien will come back in September 2021 with the movie called "Infinite" for the role of Heinrich Treadway.

The film already gained attention as fans made the actor trend in the US with his amazing skills in sword fighting, calling him the life savior of 2021 movies.

Fans were speechless in how amazing he was spinning a sword.

Fans believe he is the most appropriate man just for this scene.

The new movie "Infinite" was announced to be released on September 2021.

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