"Australian Big Brother" star Tilly Whitfield suffered major skin problems after she followed a beauty trend she saw on TikTok.

Whitfield recently spoke to New York Times (via Just Jared) to share what went down during her unfortunate beauty disaster.

The reality TV star revealed that she stumbled upon a DIY hack on the social media platform last August before she appeared on the show.

She stated that the video shows how to achieve faux freckles that last six months with the use of sewing needles and ink.

She mentioned that the video did not include what type or brand the ink people should use; she just went on and bought a product on eBay. She immediately applied the formula in which she explained, "it didn't hurt at all, so I didn't think I should stop."

Little did she know that the one she purchased was, unfortunately, a counterfeit ink containing a high percentage of lead.

Following this, her face got infected, and she even had major eye damage that causes her eye to lose vision; she added that she was billed over $12,000 in the hospital.

Today, she has scars all over the middle part of her face. When asked about her response to the situation, she stated, "I'm stupid, and, yeah, I agree."

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Whitfield's blue clay mask in "Big Brother"

Since appearing on the show, a lot of fans have been wondering why Whitfield is wearing a blue clay mask throughout the season. Last month, she took to Instagram to address that she's hiding the scars caused by the horrific incident.

"This is the result of attempting to remove scarring I inflicted on myself trying to replicate an at home beauty procedure I saw on a tik tok video 2 months before big brother," she wrote in the post.

"Please please don't try any 'DIY' or 'at home' beauty procedures... Leave it to the professionals," she concluded.

Professional Doctor's take on the trend

According to dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Fenton, reported by Yahoo News, placing ink on the face could create major problems, especially when the product was not properly sterilized and not designed for skin.

He added that in some worse cases, the infection can even lead to a "surgical excision" to get rid of the ink.

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