Royal commentators recently pointed out how Camilla's way of following Queen Elizabeth II's hobbies may lead her to get a queen title.

In a new interview with ITV News Racing, Prince Charles' wife exclusively talked about Queen Elizabeth II's "encyclopedic knowledge" when it comes to horse racing.

Camilla told the segment's host, Oli Bell, that Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to racing as well. She also noted how Her Majesty shows her love for sports publicly in the past decades.

In fact, the royal family is known for its breeding and owning horses. The monarch also attended this year's Royal Ascot after failing to see the race last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"She can tell you every horse she's bred and owned, from the very beginning, she doesn't forget anything," the duchess said. "I can hardly remember what I bred a year ago, so she's encyclopedic about her knowledge."

Detailing what "encyclopedic" in racing means, the Duchess of Cornwall said that nobody would want to try to ask the Queen anything since she knows all the answers.

After a year of not seeing the race personally, Camilla said that it felt odd not being able to attend the Royal Ascot last year. Still, she wished for the royal patronage to continue in the next coming years or decades.

Camilla as New Queen of Racing?

In the same conversation, Camilla noted that the Royal Ascot serves as the most special week to everyone who loves racing.

Because of the duchess' fondness, she was tapped to be the new "Queen of racing" succeeding Queen Elizabeth II.

According to Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper, she found it interesting to hear Camilla becoming the Queen of racing.

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Meanwhile, Daily Mirror deputy political editor Ben Glaze said that the duchess might be being groomed for the role.

But being playful aside, Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers referred to Camilla's comments as something "nice."

"She's been talking about how essentially the Queen is the oracle of horse-racing and her encyclopedic knowledge of horse-racing knows no bounds and speaking about the Queen and her passion," Myers said.

Queen Elizabeth II became the patron of Royal Ascot ever since she became the monarch in 1952. Despite the health risks and her age, she continues to attend the race and break a record.

For what it's worth, she became the first reigning monarch to win the Royal Ascot Gold Cup in 2013.

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