The past week confirmed that Kylie Jenner had gotten back together with her baby daddy, Travis Scott.

They're back together after two years of not being in a relationship.

With the second part of the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reunion special watched by many, many fans have gotten the biggest takeaway was not Khloe Kardashian's nose job confirmation, nor Kim Kardashian wishing she was only married once.

In fact, it was actually the fans thinking Kylie Jenner could be pregnant once again.

Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant?

Viewers who watched the Andy Cohen-hosted sit-down interview noticed how Kylie's face looked fuller than usual, and she showed up to the interview wearing an uncharacteristically non-form-fitting ensemble.

The dark brown gown looked like it was created using a thick material, and it can be seen as looking bunched up.

Kylie Jenner Ditches Tequila 818

Another sign that she's pregnant was when the reunion special was wrapping up, and eagle-eyed fans noticed she didn't take a tequila shot, unlike her sisters.

On Twitter, fans share their speculation.

"I don't know why but I think Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Remind me to come back to this in 9 months to see if I was right or wrong."

"After Kylie not taking that shot, she's pregnant."

Another one noticed, "Kylie has apple juice in her shot glass because she's pregnant again."


What is Kylie Jenner Hiding Under the Dress?

News of Kylie Jenner possibly pregnant with her second child comes after she and Travis have confirmed their rekindled romance at an event in New York.

During the rapper's acceptance speech, the "Astroworld" hitmaker said, "Stormi, I love you, and wifey, I love you so much."

Their family picture at the event also added speculation that she is pregnant.

One Twitter user said, "Covering her stomach in every pic AND her and Travis Scott just got back together suddenly."

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Why Kylie Kept Pregnancy A Secret

When Cohen asked the 23-year-old makeup mogul why she kept her first pregnancy a secret until after giving birth, Kylie answered that she shared so much" about her life already.

"I was also really young when I got pregnant, and it was just a lot for me personally. So I didn't know how I would bring that to the public, too, and have everyone's opinion."

"I think it was just something that I needed to go through by myself."

Kylie Jenner Ready to Marry?

Meanwhile, as for her relationship with Travis Scott, the self-made billionaire remained tight-lipped.

But when Cohen asked if she'd get married someday, the 24-year-old confessed, "I'm not thinking about marriage right now, but I would hope to get married one day."

Her response made older sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian shoot each other some suspicious smirks.

However, there is still no confirmation that Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant. If she was, it's possible she will not tell anybody else outside her family once again.

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