Ariel Winter certainly did not hold back in letting her "Modern Family" co-stars feel that she did not like the fact that they have gotten together without letting her know.

Sofía Vergara, Sarah Hyland and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of "Modern Family" have recently reunited for a picnic. It can be considered a mini-reunion for the cast members of an iconic show. One of the regular cast members, Ariel Winter, however was noticeably absent.

This is why in the comment section of the photo, she could not help but make her feelings of disappointment known. It can very well be a joke, of course, but it certainly carries weight. She wrote, "did mine and @nolangould's invite get sent to the dunphy house because you know we don't live there anymore guys!!!!!!" 

Winter is not one to hide things for propriety's sake after all. While "Modern Family" was running, many have technically seen her grown up in their very eyes. She looks like a kid one minute, and the next, posting all sorts of photos of her in very "racy" outfits, which got most of her fans riled up.

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Instead of deciding to change herself to please others however, she just kep defending what she's doing and never stopped, which can be considered admirable. 

Before making this comment on the mini-reunion photo, she also posts a selfie saying, ""Peep my mouth guard & anti depressants in these selfies I took before going to dinner and coming back to catch pokés @pokemongoapp, watch true crime shows and play @settlersofcatan alone with bots lollllll #vibes."

Another sign of how vocal she could be. 

Ariel Winter has been open in the past about her struggles with mental health issues, mostly because of how people were commenting on her looks and body. In a 2016 interview with Shape, she talked about the hurtful comments she experienced. 

It be recalled that she was just 11 when "Modern Family" dropped its first season. It ended in 2020 with a total of 11 seasons. With its long run, fans should not have been surprised to see her changed. However, some were indeed surprised, and some even got angry and mean.

"I've faced body-shaming and cyberbullies for about seven or eight years now that I've been in the spotlight," she recalled. "At 11 years old, I started working on the show and I was super flat and had no curves and was getting hate for that. Then overnight, my body changed and I was this curvy woman. I didn't know how to navigate that and got so much hate for it. It was really hurtful, and I struggled a lot," she added. 

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