Britney Spears found another ally following her court hearing.

On Wednesday, Spears led her fans to shout #FreeBritney even louder as she spoke for the first time since her conservatorship began.

During the virtual conversation, Spears revealed that her father, Jamie Spears, and the conservatorship prevented her from having kids. At the same time, she has been wanting to get married to her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who she has been dating since 2016.

Because of these controlling moments, she called to remove the abusive conservatorship since it does nothing to her but trauma and depression.

Following the bombshell statement, legal expert Neama Rahmani weighed in and called the strict conservatorship something bizarre.

Per the president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, Spears has been under an abnormal conservatorship which she does not deserve in the first place.

"This is totally abnormal because it is very strange for someone who is young, who is successful [to be] in conservatorship. So these things rarely happen," he told Fox News.

He added that the pop star cannot get married unless her father allows her.

Does the Use Of Birth Control in Conservatorship Legal?

The expert also shed some light on Spears' reproductive rights, saying that the conservators do not violate any HIPAA violation since they have total and complete control over medical decisions.

Per Rahmani, birth control is appropriate in conservatorships, so the use of IUD has been allowed.

However, he noted that contraceptives are not an issue in most conservatorships since people who are under that program are mentally unwell. Some patients are in coma, dementia, or stroke.

In Spears' case, the legal expert believes that she should be under such controlling conservatorship.

"Normally you don't have young people like this under conservatorship when you're talking about marriage issues and sexual activity and birth control. So all this is just really strange and rare and uncommon," he went on.

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Rahmani then referred to the whole conservatorship as something bizarre. Since it has been running for 13 years, it is more than enough for Spears to learn how to live her life again.

Indeed, the "Toxic" singer saw the conservatorship as something beneficial in the early years. She said that it rescued her from a collapse and saved her from exploitation and financial problems.

She acknowledged that it helped her regain her fame as a world-class singer.

However, the #FreeBritney movement and Britney Spears say "enough is enough."

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