Rihanna and A$AP Rocky went out to a bar in NYC. However, things seemed to have not gone well on their date.

According to PopSugar, on Wednesday night, the couple went to NYC for a date night, hitting up SoHo's famous bar, "Barcade." The two were seen getting more comfortable putting their romance in the spotlight.

A$AP Rocky appeared in leather pants and a matching jacket, and of course, all eyes were on Rihanna as she wears a high-slit dress and matching pink hat and accessories.

Fans Spotted Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Got Denied In A Bar

The public and the fans may not know much about the couple as they are private about their relationship.

But apparently, a bouncer at the NYC bar was not even familiar with their celebrity status and demanded identification from the hip-hop couple before entering the premises.

 Twitter has gone wild over the commotion as they laughed at the situation that happened that night. Just as the number of people has gone head over heels on Rihanna's look that night, fans proclaimed how the bouncer did not know Queen Riri herself.

According to TMZ, the famous couple who went out that night described the two as a "normie couple dressed better and, frankly, way hotter."

Of course, what caught so much attention was their sweet smiles as they are found together having fun despite being denied in a bar at first.

The couple was spotted with their hands locked as they get out of the place after being smoochy inside.

The lovely outing comes a month after A$AP Rocky officially confirmed their relationship status in an interview with GQ.

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 Rihanna Confirms She Moved On As She Replaces Her Matching With Drake Shark Tattoo

Rihanna really must be dedicated enough for A$AP Rocky in her life and on her body.

Fans pointed out Thursday that the singer has covered up a tattoo that was long believed to be matching ink with ex-boyfriend Drake.

Daily Mail also reported that the 33-year-old singer was first seen with a distinctive shark tattoo around September 2016.

And just weeks later, her then-boyfriend Drake was also seen with a similar ink on his right arm.

However, there was no sign of the tattoo while she enjoyed a sexy date night out with her new boyfriend A$AP Rocky, the same night.

The Barbadian pop star proudly strutted out, showing off new inking on her left ankle that shows the shark has now been covered up in a display of loyalty to her new beau.

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