Rachel Dolezal, the controversial white woman, notoriously known for identifying as Black, recently expressed her opinion on Oli London's journey in becoming a Korean.

Speaking to TMZ, Dolezal mentioned the main issue with London's transition is compassion and kindness; she thinks that personal identity shouldn't be the one to be judge by the public, especially if it's somebody's personal decision.

She explained that cultural appropriation is far different from embracing one's self, and it's not stealing somebody's culture for them to make money or gain popularity from it. (Watch her interview below)

"There's a different thing there, and I think sometimes people are confusing those two," she said. (via Insider)

"It just gets caught up in the outrage online, and I think sometimes we don't take the time to actually listen to somebody's heart," she added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dolezal noted an important message bigger than what's happening with the public attacking people like her and London who identify as a different race.

She mentioned that everyone should focus on fighting the public outrage and issues of police brutality.

Dolezal also gave a heartfelt message to London, who prefers "they/them" pronouns, saying that they need to continue doing what feeds their soul and don't let anyone else, especially social media, tell them who they are.

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Oli London receiving death threats

More recently, London opens up and reveals that they are receiving a significant backlash from his past video to the point that the public has been sending them vicious death threats, and they are scared to live their everyday life.

Who is Rachel Dolezal?

Per CNN, Rachel Dolezal gained popularity in 2015 when she revealed she's a black woman despite growing up with white skin and blonde hair. Today, her complexion appears to be darker, and she has been wearing dark curly hair.

Similar to London, she received a handful of backlash; she was removed as staff from the school she's working in at the time.

Dolezal made headlines and appeared on various interviews following her controversial statement, and celebrities even weighed in on her situation, including Whoopi Goldberg.

She claims to be an activist that fights for racial equality and human rights.

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