Queen Elizabeth II has been warned that one of her beloved luxuries may end up being decommissioned because of its massive cost.

Her Majesty's royal train's days are reportedly numbered, according to a royal financial expert.

Recently, David McClure broke down the Queen's accounts after they released the annual Sovereign Grant Report.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Plus' Palace Confidential, he said that the royal train was "not financially viable" for the 95-year-old.

McClure explained that Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton's, single rail journey to Scotland cost almost $64,000. He added that the royal train was only used one time this year for Cambridge's journey.

In 2020, the royal train was used only three times.

The Sovereign Grant is a type of grant used to pay for the royals' official work engagements and the upkeep of their properties.

The grant comes from some of the profits made from the Crown of State, which includes land and properties gifted to Queen Elizabeth II.

While most of the profits go to the Treasury, a certain percentage goes to funding the royal family members' official work, which is why it is also referred to as "taxpayers' money."

But McClure further shared some insight into the monarch's financial report for this year, saying, "The Sovereign Grant does not include all the costs of the monarchy."

"It doesn't include say the cost of local councils for organising visits by members of the Royal Family."

He continued that it still doesn't include security costs. Because of that, the government is refusing to give it a precise figure for security because they say it "might undermine" it.

However, McClure probed it and found that ten years ago, the total security cost was $175 million, and now, it's probably worth about $206 million.

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Queen Elizabeth II's Didn't Meet with Prince Harry

In other Queen Elizabeth II news, it was previously reported that the monarch was supposed to meet with Prince Harry before he leaves for the US.

After the Diana statue unveiling on Thursday, Prince Harry returns to his family Meghan Markle and their kids, Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana.

This year, the reason why the Queen and her grandson missed each other was due to a clash with her schedule. Every year, Queen Elizabeth II travels to Scotland for Holyrood week and only ended this Thursday.

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