After a rushed and necessary reunion between the brothers Prince William and Prince Harry as they unveiled a statute of their mom Princess Diana, their relationship can be said to have become colder than ever. Some says this is going to be permanent - with Prince William never trusting his younger brother ever again. 

But why?

Prince Harry has rushed in and out of the UK so quickly that people are left wondering what truly happened before and after the statute unveiling. Is that it? Apparently, it is all that Prince William and the rest of the royal family can trust Prince Harry with. They would reportedly rather not entertain him because they don't "trust" him at all.

Prince Harry rushing back to the US is also a telltale sign of how he views the palace and vice versa.


Prince William now reportedly thinks he could never trust his younger brother to show up for the family anymore, because Harry already lambasted the royals so bad.

"It was nothing more, there was nothing to discuss. Things are still far too raw for William and other members of the family to entertain Harry, so it's best to let things lie for the moment," a source told Mirror UK.

It remains to be seen whether this is going to be a permenent perspective.

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The two recently reunited to unveil a statute for Princess Diana and were even pictured together during the poignant ceremony. Still, this does not mean Prince William now thinks he and Harry could go back the way they were. 

According to the same report, the relatives and friends of the brothers are at war as to whether the two could or should even make up.

Those particularly close to Diana's family have revealed they are "hopeful" that the two princes will patch things up for good, while others close to the pair say it is "almost impossible for Harry to be trusted."

A source claimed, "Despite William and Harry coming together this week for the sole cause of commemorating their mother's legacy, Harry is very much on the outside." 

It can be remembered that just earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex claimed a senior royal revealed to Oprah the many "injustices" to them. While news outlets have been rife on reports about how the royals reacted, most of these are from insiders.

As of the moment, one haven't heard exactly from Prince William what he thinks of his brother now.

A reunion for the statute unveiling is not likely to mean those things said have been forgotten.Included in the accusations made were the palace speculating how "dark" their unborn children would be, how Meghan felt so alone and abandoned, even to the point of becoming suicidal.

These are not light accusations that the two princes cannot act did not happen. 

This is probably why Prince Harry reportedly showed signs of unease in the recent reunion. A body language expert Judi James claims Harry was filled with "inner tension" during the unveiling, given hhow he continued to touch and rub his wedding ring. The expert claimed it was a sign that he wasn't feeling comfortable, so he had to constantly remind himself of his wife Meghan Markle and two kids.  

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