Is Josh Duggar dead? The million-dollar question over the weekend made its rounds on social media.

Here's what started the entire thing.

One Instagram post started the rumor that the reality star is dead. It showed a picture of his mugshot and captioned the post with "#RIP."

Since then, people started to share screenshots of the alleged criminal's mugshot.

Fans immediately went to Google and searched, "Is Josh Duggar dead?" which gave out two results that seemed to be obituaries of Josh Duggar.

Does this mean Anna Duggar's husband passed away after his trial date was pushed back to November?

Is Josh Duggar Dead or Alive?

The two results that claim to be obituaries of Josh Duggar's death are reportedly not real. Additionally, the Instagram post mentioned previously links to a page about celebrities who have met their demise.

However, Josh wasn't mentioned on the list of dead celebrities.

Meanwhile, the "#RIP" caption on the source might mean something else.


#RIP Josh Duggar Explained

Clicking on the #RIP hashtag, it seems like the Josh Duggar fans use it to say goodbye to their beloved TLC show "Counting On" after the network decided to cancel it.

In a way, the series is dead, and many of the reality show's fans have blamed him for why TLC decided to pull the plug.

In short, Josh Duggar is still alive.

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Fans' Mixed Feelings About Josh Duggar Death Hoax

While the hoax has been thoroughly debunked now, Josh Duggar fans had mixed feelings about the possibility of the rumor being true.

Some social media users were disgusted anyone would start a rumor like this, while others don't care about him at all.

Others said Josh Duggar got what he rightfully deserved.

Where Is Josh Duggar Now?

Josh Duggar, the oldest son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, was arrested in Arkansas in April for possessing child pornography. He is currently awaiting trial while at home confinement.

The original trial date was supposed to be this July but had been delayed to November after his lawyer begged a judge for more time to examine his electronic possessions.

Josh reportedly requested to postpone the trial until or after Feb. 2022.

The reality star has until Oct. 18 to change his not guilty plea and until Oct. 21 to submit a signed plea deal.

If there will be a change of plea deal, it will be heard on Oct. 22.

Josh Duggar will receive 20 years in prison and have to pay fines of up to $250,000 for each count once found convicted.

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