Actor Kal Kilmer successfully survived cancer and decides to share his journey towards recovery.

According to sources, named after the actor himself, "VAL," the documentary is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

The whole film is made out of several clips taken over the past forty years, and Amazon Prime has already released the official trailer.

Directed by Leo Scott and Ting poo, the film showcased the decline in Val's health, which led him to retire early in his career.

The narration in the documentary was made possible through a voice box device as the tracheotomy, chemotherapy, and radiation heavily affected the star's voice.

In the trailer, Val's voice box was heard saying, "It's a story about my life that is also not my life."

Val Kilmer Recalls Glory Days of 'Batman Forever,' 'Top Gun,' 'Willow,' 'Tombstone'

Val Kilmer's "VAL" showed his legendary and miraculous life through the actor's lens, offering everything he had experienced.

The film was purely authentic home movie vibes with Kilmer's self-shot clips recorded using a 16mm video camera.

According to the New York Post, the documentary amounted to thousands of hours worth of footage.

Aside from diving into Kilmer's life-threatening disease, the documentary also featured behind the scene shots of the actor's career in the industry.

Everything is from Val Kilmer's perspective, including hanging out with his celebrity friends Kevin Bacon and Sean Penn during their peak.

After the initial premiere at Cannes, "VAL" will be available for viewers in theaters starting July 23 and August 6 for streaming on Amazon Prime subscribers.

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Val Kilmer Fans Express Their Excitement for New Documentary

Val Kilmer announced the premiere of his documentary on Twitter, to which avid fans react and reply.

The former actor shared his thoughts with his tweet, "It feels like yesterday and yet it has been a lifetime... I look forward most to sharing my life's story with all of you."

  Twitter had been buzzing with tweets similar to this, "I need to watch that Val Kilmer documentary he shot of himself throughout his career."

One fan commented under Val's post, "I've enjoyed everything you've shared with us since "Top Secret." Everything from this point on is just icing on an awesome cake."

Comedian Jenny Johnson also replied to his tweet with "Can't wait to watch."

Val Kilmer remains to be seen as an iconic legend in Hollywood and continues to inspire people.

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