TikTok superstar Addison Rae has turned off her legion of fans with a "secret' she exposed herself. The once popular influencer irked her followers and even compelled them to launch a 'cancel campaign' because of what she did.

Last weekend, Addison Rae chanced upon Donald Trump at the star-studded UFC 264 fight in Las Vegas and she excitedly greeted him. All of these were captured in a video, and the footage was uploaded on the YouTube channel NELK

She can be seen approaching the ex-President who was at the time enjoying the fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. He was on the ringside seat, which was accessible to Rae.

Rae tapped him on the shoulder and went beyond saying hi. She introduced herself and shook his hand. 

"Hi! I'm Addison. Nice to meet you. I have to say hi, hello. So nice to meet you," she could be heard saying, even though Trump's response could not be heard. 


This did not please the fans. It even enraged them.

Some even wondered if the rumors that her political affiliation is Republican could be true. The rumors have been going around since 2019. She was accused on registering to vote as Republican, although she did not flat out admitted it. 

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Several Twitter users directly mocked and criticized Rae over the greeting. Comedian and YouTuber Chris Klemens claimed that Rae had finally revealed her political affiliation. "Oopsies Addison... your Republican is showing," she wrote. 

"Word on the street is Addison Rae's song Obsessed is about Donald Trump actually," he added. 

Some wanted her canceled, which garnered supportive comments. Some went through the sarcastic route, as reported by Daily Mail UK.

"#addisonrae whatttttttt [hand covering mouth,  face screaming in fear emojis] I feel like she's gonna get canceled again I would bet my five dollars on this,' one Twitter user wrote. 

Some said that the main issue with her being allegedly Republican is that some of the social causes she supported in the past, did not align with this political party.

She is a known "Black Lives Matter" supporter.

Rae shot to fame in 2019 in the platform TikTok, which amassed even more users during the pandemic. She uploaded a lot of dance videos to popular songs on TikTok and this allowed her to gain almost 82 million followers. She is now worth around $5 million. 

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