LeBron James may not be able to celebrate twice over "Space Jam: A New Legacy."

Since the release of "Space Jam: A New Legacy," film critics have been giving it negative reviews. They also tagged it as one of the worst movies in history.

Despite the negative comments, LeBron hit them with good news after the second installment scored the best opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. It outshined another movie from Warner Bros., "Godzilla vs. Kong," which garnered $31.6 million, as well.

However, the success will not that long as the biggest pillar of the film industry refused to release the film in their country.

No "Space Jam: A New Legacy" in China

In the thread posted by American Commentator Clay Travis, he revealed that China will not let the movie reach its cinemas. With that said, the movie will highly likely lose hundred millions of dollars as the sleeping giant contributes
the most sales in every U.S. movie.

Travis also noted that the $200 million-worth movie might only earn around $60 million to $70 million without China.

"LeBron ripped the first amendment in the US, declined to speak up for basic human rights in China, & shut up and dribbled for Chairman Xi all to get Space Jam 2 on in China. And now LeBron won't even talk about his movie being banned. Because he's still afraid of upsetting China," he went on.

This is a slap for the NBA superstar, especially since he worked hard to earn a friendship with China. He once told the members of the NBA to "dribble" for China's President Xi Jinping.

LeBron was even open to spread misinformation about American history in pursuit of winning China's trust where he could release the film.

Unfortunately, it did not work for him.

As of the writing, WarnerMedia's HBO Max has not commented on the banning yet. Still, the movie continuously receives criticism from people - even from the original creator.

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Before China officially banned the film, "Space Jam" director Joe Pytka joined the growing number of LeBron's haters. He insisted that Michael Jordan's "Space Jam" is different from King James' version. He added that it should not have been called "Space Jam 2" at all.

"They should not call it Space Jam 2, or whatever. It should be another movie. It's not Space Jam. Space Jam is Michael Jordan. No matter how much LeBron wants to be a great player - and he is a great player - he's not Michael Jordan. There will never be another Michael Jordan," he said, as quoted by EW.

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