Prince Harry might potentially breach the agreement he made with Queen Elizabeth II for the sake of his memoir.

Prince Harry became the center of criticism these past weeks after announcing his memoir deal with the publication. The Duke of Sussex also did not inform the central members of the royal family about his plans to publish a book.

Now that he is all set ahead of its release, questions whether he will use his HRH title on the book surfaced.

Will Prince Harry Disappoint the Queen Once Again?

The Duke of Sussex already brought displeasure when he did not inform Prince Charles about his explosive book.

Soon he might let down Her Majesty by using his Sussex title in conjunction with his upcoming work.

As of the writing, the exact title of the book remains unknown. However, a press release from the publication seemingly hinted that he might release the book under his Duke of Sussex title.

The Penguin Random House penned a press release (per Express) about the royal prince's upcoming book.

"Penguin Random House is honoured to announce that it will publish a forthcoming memoir by Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex," it read.

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This broke what they promised in a section of the website "titled "Spring 2020 transition details." After Megxit, they pledged not to actively use their HRH titles as they would no longer be working members of the royal family.

According to the news outlet, the move will also breach Prince Harry's agreement with the Queen.

"If Harry's book is published under his Duke of Sussex title then it will be in clear breach of the agreement he and Meghan made with the Queen," the Express said. "The fact they are continuing to use their Sussex titles in connection with their commercial work flies in the face with the Megxit pact they made in 2020."

Still, it was not the first time they violated it though. Meghan Markle also used her HRH title when she published her children's book "The Bench" in January.

Once this continues, the royal family members might refuse to reserve seats for them in royal engagements - for instance, during Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration next year. According to reports, the monarchy banned the Duke of Sussex from attending the event as he tries to overshadow it with his memoir.

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