Script leaks and behind the scene filming on TikTok have ruined the long-awaited "Sex and The City" reboot, which featured 15 years older Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

The reboot of the infamous series is currently in its production stage as fans begin to spot them shooting in New York City.

According to Grazia Magazine, the cast and crew were recently seen outside the Manhattan School for Music.

Three out of four leading ladies were spotted in the Upper West Side filming, but one of them caught the attention of fans.

Charlotte Goldenblatt, played by Kristin Davis, was accompanied by her husband Harry and their teenage daughters Lily and Rose.

HBO Max has yet to confirm who the actresses play, Lily and Rose, but fans are excited to see Charlotte interact with them.

Will the series branch out to the lives of Lily and Rose as the lead trio journeys through life in their fifties?

'And Just Like That' Script Gets Leaked

Earlier this week, the HBO reboot had essential parts of its storyline leaked, specifically Carrie's relationship with Big.

The show stuck to its brand, making the lead character's love life as chaotic and dramatic as ever.

According to sources, the script was photographed by paparazzi, which was then accessed by Page Six.

The big reveal was Carrie's irreconcilable marital issues leading to her filing a divorce against Mr Big.

Sarah Jessica Parker's dialogue was also leaked.

"Yes, I wasn't eating or sleeping, but at least I felt good about my marriage. Now I'm just one of the wives he was taking care of?" Bradshaw complains.

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Fans Reaction to 'Sex And The City' Spoilers

Fans have expressed their opinionated reactions on Twitter after finding out spoilers about the reboot.

Some were petty, "Just read how Carrie and big are in the middle of a divorce in the new Sex And The City series and I'm so elated."

  While others were downright frustrated with screenwriters, "So... Carrie will continue to run after Big?!! What a crock of sh-t #SATC."

Several TikTok videos have shown behind the scenes filming said one person, "Spoiler: they do lots of walking around Soho and Carrie drops her bag in a puddle. The end."

  "Why am I still this ridiculously over-the-top annoyed with the Sex and the City reboot spoiler 12 hours later?" said another fan.

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