Britney Spears has once again left her fans confused and worried after reposting a recent sexy picture on Instagram only to find out she photoshopped it.

The 39-year-old shared a sultry topless picture while covering her breasts over the weekend, then later taking it down and reuploading it with her belly button blurred out.

As soon the picture went up, the Instagram picture immediately got a ton of likes and comments, but the "Toxic" singer's fans immediately questioned her ongoing and continued perplexing social media presence.

In the latest photo, Britney Spears wore a tiny pair of denim shorts with button open and rolled down low on her waist.

The mom-of-two then bared her chest, cupped her breasts together, and later added sparkles to cover her nipples.

The award-winning performer left her blonde hair down and then threw her head back to look at the sky as she stretches her torso.

Later on, it was noticed that she removed her belly button in the picture.

Britney captioned the IG post with a few sparkle emojis.


Then one fan asked, "Erased and reposted. What's going on?"

Other eagle-eyed fans noticed the significant change from the before and after picture, with one commenter pointing out, "Looks like she erased her belly button."

Immediately, fans came out with their theories about why this specific picture was deleted and then reposted a few days later.

"My guess is it's her family acting out. She took it down to re-edit or they're playing games with us," a fan said.

Another wrote, "I noticed some scar under her armpit on her first one. Might be she didn't want it to be seen?"

"I honestly think she doesn't even run this account. Somebody else has to be doing it."

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Fans Want Britney Spears to Lay Low

When Britney Spears posted her second topless picture on Jul. 24, fans immediately begged the pop star to keep a low profile amid her conservatorship war.

Though some people praised the "Baby One More Time" hitmaker for baring it all, others were not pleased with the topless picture.

"Britney, we're trying to free you boo. Lay low for a bit," one person commented.

"Agreed, this isn't helping," another commenter said.

Others have also noticed how Britney has been acting weird on social media.

"I was just telling my husband this yesterday. Britney, law low for real."

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