A new fan art hyped the fans as it showed what Jet Li would look like as a modern Loki.

Jet Li is no longer a regular in Hollywood, but his charisma remains inviting enough for an artist to make him a subject of new fan art.

On Instagram, an art director with the username @bosslogic shared a reimagined version of Jet Li and Loki. The photo combines the martial artist's photo from the 2011 film and the recent MCU series.

The 58-year-old looked like another version of God of Mischief, causing the artist to call him Jet Loki.


"Remember when the TVA took down The One," the artist captioned the post.

Instagram followers quickly applauded the artist and reminisced the memories they have about the Singaporean actor.

One fan said, "Guilty pleasure film. The ending always gets me hyped."

"No idea what this would be about but I'd definitely watch it," another added.

Where is Jet Li Now?

As one of the best actions stars of his generation, Jet Li surely alarmed his fans when he went on hiatus these past years.

In 2016, he filmed his last action movie "League of Gods" before coming back as the mighty Emperor in Disney's "Mulan." His four years of absence made fans theorize whether the actor suffered from health issues - and even death.

Some reports revealed that Jet Li passed away while others suggested that the actor endured an alarming health issue.

However, ahead of the release of the 2020 Disney film, he sat for an interview with USA Today where he assured everyone about his condition.

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According to Jet Li, he is not making a lot of movies like before but he has no issue about it all.

"I'm always pretty healthy. But people want to make an excuse, saying, 'Why doesn't he make a movie, because he has a problem?' OK, fine, that's what you think, I'm still good," he went on.

The worries of his fans were actually not surprising, as he became a staple in the film industry throughout his career. He already appeared in award-winning franchises and movies including "Expendables" and "Lethal Weapon 4."

Instead of stepping down due to health reasons, Jet Li clarified that he was just being picky with his film roles.

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