McKayla Maroney is speaking out on the recent news that Simone Biles has recently withdrawn from the final Olympic women's gymnastics team.

The 25-year-old retired gymnast said that the "body glitches" the 30-time Olympic and World Champion winner is experiencing could end Biles' career.

She explained that several gymnasts quit because of the mental blocks they are experiencing.

Maroney explained in a powerful video on her social media on Tuesday that she had experienced what Simone Biles is experiencing before and claimed: "it's not fun at all."

"I've had a lot of experience with these mental blocks," the actress said.

"They are miserable. They are a gymnast's worst nightmare and they can end your career."

McKayla Maroney said that one of her experiences caused her to get seriously hurt, including falling off a balance beam and ending up crying with a concussion.

She explained that these blocks are usually caused by pressure, stress, and depression.

However, she added that these could come out of nowhere, that even if you're one of the best gymnasts out there, it's bound for them to experience in their lifetime.

Maroney said, "You can't even understand them. Like, 'Why is this happening to me? I don't know why my body is doing something different.'"

Meanwhile, she did give her praises to the 25-year-old Simone Biles for having the mental strength to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympic events because of her mental issues.

Maroney stated, "She was smart to protect her body and her mind. Because it's more important. It just is."

Other famous Olympians, including Michael Phelps, threw their support behind Simone Biles' decision.

He reacted to the news, "We're human beings. Nobody is perfect. So yes, it is okay to not be okay."

Swimming superstar Katie Ledecky also hoped that Biles could continue to do what's best for her. She's also urging those close to her should continue to support the gymnast.

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Why Simone Biles Pulled Out of Women's Gymnastics Final

Simone Biles opened early on an Amanar and seemed to lose where she was in the air.

She landed low on what became a Yurchenko 1 ½ instead of 2 ½ and took a big step forward, per ESPN.

Later on, she sat with the team doctor, surrounded by her teammates, and told them, "I'm fine," before leaving the arena. The following news people heard was that she's withdrawing from the finals.

But later on, in an interview with "TODAY", she told Hoda Kotb her decision to leave the Tokyo Olympic Games.

"Physically, I feel good. I'm in shape. Emotionally, it varies on the time and moment. Coming to the Olympics and being head star isn't an easy feat."

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