Ruby Rose got complications from her surgery and it placed her in a matter of life and death situation when no hospital would accept and treat her. She detailed what she experrienced and emotioanlly called for people to get vaccinated.

 The Orange Is The New Black alum took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (July 27) and shared a video of herself talking about a scary time where she had to be rushed to the hospital because of some post-surgery complications. 

"I did have a procedure, and I had to have a surgery, but it was fine, and the surgery went well," Ruby explained "But then yesterday, I had a few complications, and I had to go to the emergency room," she added (via Hollywood Life). 

Being rushed into an hospital bad enough, but Rose experienced the horrors of one hospital after another rejecting her. 

Ruby said that while an ambulance was immediately called, the first hospitals that they were trying to access for healthcare refused her.

"It took hours to find a hospital that would be able to take me, or anyone. They've been rejecting people all night," Ruby said, claiming that her condition quite serious."

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After a while, Ruby was finally accepted into a hospital "after a bit of a standoff."

Even though she did not reveal the extent of her complications, she said she was treated for them and that she's grateful.

She praised the staff too. "Everyone was amazing, the front liners are all amazing," she said. 

She does want to make a point with her sharing though. It's not just for revelation's sake.

"Please try to keep yourself safe, please try to keep everyone safe," the former "Batwoman" actress said. "Get vaccinated if you can, please. It's doesn't need to be this hard for everyone and I just can't imagine all the other people that are having way, way more serious situations happening right now," she emphasized.

The surgery she is talking about happened in August 2020, which is the reason why she had to quit "Batwoman" after only one season. She clarified though that the surgery in itself did not lead her to make the decision, but how tiriing it is to be back working with just a very limited recovery time. While others have to take months to recover, she went back to work immediately in a month.

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