During the Thursday episode of "The Bachelor," Holly Kingston has spoken out after being sensationally called the C-word by her co-star Stephanie Lynch.

The 27-year-old said on Monday that she did not think she had any issues with Lynch, who backstabbed her and later on called her a 'c--t,' but later denied it.

Holly said in an exclusive interview, "It was confronting to hear, because I honestly didn't think we had any issues, I knew I hadn't done anything to Steph."

She was even shocked when her friends Brooke Cleal and Carlie Hodges told her about the name-calling made by her co-star.

The contestant, later on, said that she tried to distance herself from the negativity in the mansion and instead give all of her attention to pilot Jimmy Nicholson, Australia's most romantic Bachelor.

Jimmy Nicholson On Picking Stephanie

Jimmy Nicholson became the newest Bachelor who will lead the ninth season of the show, which has started filming in a brand new location-a $6.3 million, five-acre property in Sydney's Dural known as Le Chateau, according to this article.

  But that proved as something complex, with a trailer for Wednesday's episode showing him choosing Steph for a single date without knowing about the name-calling.

"Jimmy prided himself on being a good judge of character," Holly suspected that one-on-one time is vital for the Bachelor, including Stephanie.

"Would I have picked her? After what transpired, probably not."

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More Foul Words Made By Stephanie Lynch

During Thursday's tense episode, Daily Mail reported, Stephanie insulted Holly behind her back while she was on a date with the pilot, branding her a 'c--t' and saying spending time with her would 'be like eating nails.'

Calling Holly the c-word did not just happen once, but it also happened the second time when Stephanie had a couple of cocktails with her friends, which left the viewers spewing by denying it when Holly confronted her.

Viewers have expressed their opinions by saying, "Stephanie knows what she said," one viewer tweeted. Another also got enraged, "People are honestly this jealous and toxic? Babe why?"

Stephanie spewed during the shocking insult session, "So Holly's a c**t."

"I still can't believe she was touching his a**e in front of everyone for us all to see, just all over him. It was just gross."

She further cackled at the prospect of Jimmy sending his dog back to the house instead of Holly, saying, "That would be a much happier addition to the house."

When Holly later confronted her, and Steph lied. "I didn't call you a c**t."

"I did hear it, and it was really mean," Brooke Cleal admitted.

"When did I call her a c**t?" Steph snapped back angrily.

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