Clare Crawley informed her followers that she would have her breast implants removed after experiencing various health issues over the past years.

As reported by Page Six, the 40-year-old former "Bachelorette," shared her plans on Instagram.

Last Saturday, June 3, Crawley posted a video with the hopes of helping other women who might be suffering from the same problems that she is enduring.

The star also explained her self-health battles and her recent social media absence.

"I know how being your own health advocate is hard sometimes and can feel like an uphill battle."

She also exclaimed, "this is the reality of life for so many people though! I'm just so incredibly thankful to all the people who are in my life that support me not only in my peaks but in the valleys as well."

Crawley shared images of a rash and hives that have broken out all over her body.

She also explained that she had gone through medications and natural remedies to treat them to no avail.

Clare Crawley Suffers From Breast Implant Illness

According to this article, Crawley was suffering from an uptick in breast implant illnesses (BII).

BII is a newly emerging syndrome that occurs in people with implants which can cause symptoms ranging from chronic fatigue, breathing problems, depression, hair loss, and others.

The star described what she has been suffering in the video, saying her skin has "bad hives and rash," resulting in her body being inflamed and itchy.

"I've had blood test after blood test. That is not my only symptom," Crawley spoke on her private health battle.

She also had talks with the doctor which said her recent mammograms and an ultrasound discovered sacks of fluid behind her implants. The fluid caused her white blood cell count to increase and her glands to swell.

"My body can't heal. My body is in fight mode constantly. It's all making sense."

The former "Bachelor" star noted that although she has "loved" having her implants, "I love my health more. I love my well-being more."

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Clare Crawley's Boyfriend Dale Moss As A Supportive Partner

Crawley said her beau, Dale Moss, supported her decision to have the implants removed.

"He [Dale] said, 'Your boobs are not what make you beautiful.' And it's the truth. For so long, I believed that's what it would take," she shared.

As she came to a conclusion, the star ended the post with a good note.

"This is the ultimate love story, is loving your body enough to know this is not what makes me beautiful. My health and happiness is what matters."

Moss got engaged with Crawley as "The Bachelorette" reached its Season 16, which aired in 2020.

After Crawley shared her health struggles on Saturday, the model was proud of her openness.

"I know this wasn't easy but will help so many other women going through what you've been experiencing."

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