Fetty Wap remains mourning for his 4-year-old daughter's tragic death. Given the untimely and sudden passing, this is understandable. He kissed a photo of his baby girl in a new video and then to make everything more emotional, he also requested his fans to do one thing for him in honor of his late daughter. 

Fetty Wap, 30, is still reeling from the devastating loss of his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell. The "Trap Queen" rapper went on an Instagram Live on Aug. 2, just one day after he confirmed that little girl Lauren died for unknown reasons or unclear circumstances.

It was his way to have more people remember Lauren by. In the video, which can be fully seen below, Fetty is obviously looking distressed and emotional. He kissed a kissed a photo of Lauren while quietly muttering to himself. Finally, when he addressed his followers who tuned in on his Live, he asked them to do a simple favor for him at that specific moment. He wants everyone listening to him to comment butterflies on the Instagram Live.

There's an equally emotional reason behind this request. "Shorty loved butterflies," Fetty said of his daughter.


After making the request, he broke down once more in tears while thanking his fans as they showered him with love and support throughout this tragedy. 

"Thank y'all. That's love. I appreciate y'all, for real. That's love. She'd be happy as hell," he said, as reported by the Daily Mail

The two-time Grammy nominee also tagged her daughter his "little twin" when he pulled out the photograph of her, surely making a few of his fans cry even harder.

While fans have been supportive, there are those who were quite vindictive as well.

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This is why Turquoise Miami, the mother of Fetty Wap's late daughter, has asked the public to be "more compassionate" toward Fetty Wap in this very difficult time. According to her, some are kicking a man while he is already down, and should just stop.  

"You don't have to kick a man while he's down, Losing a child is as down as it gets," she wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday, responding to some fans saying the death was caused by Fetty Wap's irresponsible parenting.

She acknowledged the fact that she was one of those who complained about Fetty Wap's parenting in the past. But she personally witnessed how he has changed.

All that Y'all need to know is Lauren loved her daddy and he loved her," she wrote as well. "She made him laugh with her crazy funny personality and she loved to be the center of attention and he loved to be her audience." 

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