John Cena cannot wait to see Dwayne Johnson slam his rivals on the WWE ring again.

Decades after Johnson left his spotlight on the wrestling industry, Cena expressed his desire to see the actor in action again.

Cena recently spoke to Extra during the Los Angeles premiere of "The Suicide Squad" where he spoke candidly about his expectations about Johnson.

The 44-year-old actor and wrestler revealed to former "Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay that he would love to see The Rock wrestling other athletes again.

"I'd love it. First and foremost, I'm a WWE performer, but I'm also, at heart, a fan," he said. "I love The Rock, I love The Rock, and so do millions and millions of people. I think he would warm so many hearts if he came back."

Despite his wish, Cena reportedly knows that his colleague is having a packed schedule that could prevent him from going back to the arena.

He himself experienced juggling everything. In fact, he has been focusing on his acting career, as well, for three and a half years. Cena added that he already became as busy as The Rock.

As Johnson also revealed the possibility of his return, Cena saw him as someone cool before claiming that The Rock knows the effect of his return.

Cena, Johnson Dominating Hollywood

Both Cena and Johnson started as wrestlers, and no one ever thought they could bloom even more in front of cameras.

Cena currently stars in the "James Gunn" adaptation of "The Suicide Squad" as Peacemaker. He applauded his character's costume as it would reportedly fit his off-the-wall WWE designs.

"I think that's what's great about any superhero costume. Like in WWE, we genuinely try to create real-life superheroes," he went on.

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Meanwhile, Johnson stormed the entertainment and film industries after pouring his eight years inside the WWE ring. As a professional wrestler, he won over 17 championships, including two WWF Intercontinental Championships, five WWF Tag Team Championships, and 10 world heavyweight championships.

In his career as an actor, The Rock already spearheaded several franchises and led them to become box office hits. In the past years, he became well-known for his film projects like the "Jumanji" franchise, "The Rundown," "Central Intelligence," and "Tooth Fairy," among others.

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