Kaley Cuoco admitted she would be open to meet with the other cast members of "Big Bang Theory" under one condition.

During her interview with Variety, the starlet shared how massive of a "Friends" fan she is, as she could watch the reunion.

While watching the special episode, Kaley was reminded of her days as "Penny" and even confessed to a possible "Big Bang Theory" reunion.

Although the show ended just two years ago, the actress is already confirming the reunion would happen. The actress wanted to do something similar to the HBO special and a reunion similar to the "Friends" special episode style.

"When I watched, I definitely thought, I would love to do that one day. I would love to do that with our show," Kaley said.

Kaley Cuoco on "Flight Attendant"

Kaley Cuoco had expected everyone to recognize her as she starred in the movie "Flight Attendant." The actress played the role of "Penny" for over a decade, and just like Jeniffer Aniston, she was also worried.

According to sources, Kaley was concerned that the public will always associate or see her as "Big Bang Theory Penny" forever.

"When Flight Attendant came out, there was an article that came out that said, 'The new girl, Lakey Cuoco,'" the actress shared.

Yet, Kaley's team had laughed along with her upon seeing the article, "I was like, 'Do they not know?'" The "Harley Quinn" actress had felt elated and like she had "gotten away with something."

"...because obviously, the biggest concern was, 'Oh you're going to be known as Penny forever.'" Cuoco then clarified that if that was the case, it was "great."

Big Bang Theory has a special place in Kaley's heart as she describes it as "an awesome part" of her life.

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Kaley Cuoco Teases Pete Davidson

Kaley Cuoco can't seem to stop herself from annoyingly teasing Ariana Grande's ex Pete Davidson. The "Saturday Night Live" comedian reportedly works with the "Flight Attendant" actress in an upcoming rom-com film.

According to sources, the two have been spotted joking around in a few Instagram stories.

Kaley captioned her story with, "Annoying Peter, while he's studying, has become my favorite pastime." The actress lipsynced along to "Higher Love" by Kygo and Whitney while Davidson read over his script.

You can hear him jokingly say, "Just trying to learn my lines," "It's really late," and "I'm really exhausted" while yawning in the background.

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