Sprayground, the innovative streetwear brand that revolutionized backpack fashion, teams up with hip-hop legend Wyclef Jean and genre-defying vocalist Sandflower for a historic 100-item collection.

Sprayground, Wyclef Jean and Sandflower joined forces to promote what might be the biggest backpack launch in the urban streetwear brand's history: a 100-piece collection filled with the edgiest designs the world of accessories have ever seen.

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Wyclef Jean and Sandflower is set to drop the single "Sprayground Summer," that massively features the historic collection. The new song, as well as its accompanying music video, was mixed and mastered by hip-hop/ mixing household names Buda and Grandz, together with Heads Music. The "Sprayground Summer" music video is now available on the Sprayground YouTube channel. The one-minute extravaganza is filled with groove, color, and artistry - with a host of musicians, artists, and models showcasing the items in the 100-item collection. From handbags, backpacks, to trolley bags - the collection boasts a range of aesthetics suited for everyone who aims to make a statement.

Each backpack in the collection is definitely unique, banking on Sprayground having a rich history of crazy visual combinations and signature patterns. As one of the few streetwear brands in the world to consistently push the limits of apparel design, the specially-crafted items in this 100-item collection are only available in limited numbers, and are only offered while supplies last. The entire collection is available at the Sprayground website.

About Sprayground

The rebel travel brand began in 2010 when brand founder David Ben David decided to do something about the plain and mundane bags that flooded the market. By fusing art, design, music, travel, and that inexplicable 6th sense into fashion, Sprayground began revolutionizing a market that was previously limited to just utility. The brand first captured the eyes of the world with its simple yet edgy "Hello My Name" backpack debuted - the epitome of a brand that captured David's childhood and upbringing and brought much-needed life to the backpack manufacturing industry.

Now visible in over 30 countries, moved by over 20 international distributors, Sprayground has spawned designs with relevant pop culture references such as Star Wars, Naruto, Rick & Morty, as well as meaningful collaborations with cultural icons including Chris Brown, Spike Lee, the NBA, Buzz Aldrin, MARVEL, and even The Colombian Army and humanitarian organizations.

From backpacks, Sprayground has evolved to become an all-around streetwear and travel brand, offering travel luggage, outerwear, and footwear items. Now a cultural collective, the brand has also stepped into the music industry with its own label, Creative Outcasts. Despite being a globally recognizable brand, Sprayground stays true to its streetwear roots - with all products made in limited quantities, shown as a part of limited campaigns, and are never produced ever again.

Watch "Sprayground Summer" by Wyclef Jean and Sandflower, featuring the Sprayground 100-item collection, below:

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