There's no escaping Prince Andrew's latest sexual assault lawsuit this time. 

Despite his best attempts to distance himself from the controversy, the Duke of York is facing "death by a million daggers" with the new suit. Now, it seems like the entire thing keeps coming back to haunt him. 

According to PR expert and crisis management consultant Mark Borkowski, the favorite son of Queen Elizabeth II had an "albatross gripping his neck" regarding Virginia Roberts-Giuffre's latest US lawsuit filed against him.

The expert also claims that no matter what Prince Andrew would do, he wouldn't escape the allegations and it was already justified because of his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew also didn't fully cooperate with the US authorities during their Epstein investigation. Giuffre is taking matters into her hands by filing a lawsuit against the royal, claiming he sexually assaulted her when she was only 17 years old. 

Speaking on Sky News, Borkowski explained, "This a horrendous albatross gripping his neck, it's hanging around his neck like some evil totem."

"And sadly this is death by a million daggers, every time there's any distance from the story another knife is put into the back."

Prince Andrew, who's the third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has denied all the claims and said he has never met Giuffre despite a picture of them made its rounds online but added that the image of them together was "doctored."

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According to Giuffre's lawyer David Boies, the royal couldn't ignore the claims anymore and would have to, at least, acknowledge that there is a case now against him.

Boies told Sky News, "He can't ignore the process. He can ignore me and ignore my client. He can ignore other victims and their lawyers, but he can't ignore the court."

"The court process now is going to compel him. If he were to try to ignore the court the way he's ignored us, there would be a default judgment entered against them."

Queen Elizabeth II may not be able to do anything anymore, but she can protect the royal family.

Though he is her favorite child, she had to let him go after allegations came to light in 2019. 

Prince Andrew had to step back from his royal duties, but he is still being taken care of backstage by the Queen. 

Now, though, it seems like Her Majesty can't do anything anymore but protect others in the royal family as her son takes the fall.

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