Olivia Rodrigo may have been in cloud nine after her hits consistently dominated the charts and getting five MTV Video Music Awards nominations. Still, controversy is yet to leave her alone.

Recently, numerous fans of the singer, dubbed as "Livies," took to social media to complain about the merch they received as the shirts, bracelets, and more doesn't appear what it seems on Rodrigo's online shop.

According to The Independent, the exclusive merchandise was released earlier this year. The singer's website offers various tank tops, shirts, and bracelets to promote her album "Sour."

Following this, fans who ordered products from the singer were outraged as the deliveries were delayed, and the items they received were far different from what was advertised online.

A fan named Delaney McCabe posted a video on TikTok showing the drastic difference of the $32 t-shirt she ordered. (watch the full video below)

   @delaneymccabe I’m not ready to write this nasty email ##oliviarodrigo ##oliviarodrigomerch ##sourmerch ##WelcomeBack  ♬ original sound - Delaney McCabe     

The website shows a faded purple color of the top, but McCabe was surprised when the item arrived in her mail as it was very vibrant.

Another complaint was from a fan named Alex, who purchased a cropped tank-top, but she got a completely different length from what she initially ordered. Aside from the size, she also complained about the print quality as the photos were "off-centered."  

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It seems like most items from Rodrigo's website have a defect as another fan also posted a picture of a bracelet that's supposed to spell out the word "Sour," however, one letter was missing, and they, unfortunately, got "Sur." (Check out the photo below)

Olivia Rodrigo's Team Refuses To Give Out Refunds?

After the photos and videos quickly went viral online, one supporter posted that the singer's merch team refused to refund them.

However, the reason behind their refusal was not disclosed to the public.

Olivia Rodrigo's Supplier Speaks Out

The singer's merch supplier, Ceremony of Roses, released a statement to BuzzFeed that they are currently investigating the matter and working on it as soon as possible.

"We are working to resolve these issues moving forward and in the meantime, granting refunds or exchanges to anyone affected." A spokesperson told the outlet.

At the time of this writing, Olivia Rodrigo herself has not publicly responded to the complaints she's been getting online.

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