By combining her mastery of melodic dream-pop and hazy psych-folk elements, Brisbane's very own Chloe Mae returns with another enchanting track, "Falling," released August 13.

She serenades audiences with her pristine vocals, delivering carefully crafted lyrics, in the new track produced by Aaron Shanahan, formerly from Miami Horror. The 3:09 track, now available across all major music streaming platforms, banks on an ethereal, almost otherworldly feel that fans are knowing her for. It feels reminiscent of her breakout release, "Flowers," last year - one that combines a range of musical genres from folk to dream pop to indie-rock, resulting in a unique musicality she perfectly pulls off.

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Written by Chloe Mae herself, with inspiration drawn from Mother Nature, she aims to remind people of the beauty and wonder that nature can offer. Furthermore, the track delves into the importance of finding our connection back to our environment in order to find peace within ourselves.

'Falling' is a message from Mother Nature. The song's intention is to show people struggling with love and relationships that bringing their focal interests back to nature and beautiful creations can bring serenity and peace to the mind," Chloe Mae says about the track in a statement. "It aims to show that there is more to life than just a relationship. Whether that is trees, music, birds, spirituality or anything else that brings peace and happiness to one inner self and comes with no complications."

In the track, the Brisbane-based artist begins with a gentle introduction of wisping psychedelic energy, giving off vibes similar to a breeze wafting through willows. She builds the momentum with verses accompanied by indie-rock percussion, grounding bass, and steady guitar strums. She then works to vocally weave these elements together with her controlled rise and fall across the track, with her vocal harmonies and scaling synths intermittently manifesting themselves across the song, resulting in its dreamy musical quality.

To stream Chloe Mae's latest track across all platforms, check out the "Falling" webpage. Also, to stay updated on her latest releases and activities, follow her on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, Triple J Unearthed, Facebook, and Instagram.

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