Among all things, Johnny Depp was accused of being an animal abuser. A new report had it that it's ex-wife Amber Heard who has the tendency to be one, given her family's "deep, dark secret."

Based on a new Radar Online reportJohnny Depp's ex-wife Amber Heard is concealing a terrible family secret: her father ran an illegal dog fighting ring, which led to him being placed in jail.

Paul Barresi, who was originally recruited by Heard's legal team to uncover evidence against Depp, was the one who made the disclosure.

Rather than finding victims of Depp's verbal or physical abuse, as Heard claimed, the "real-life Ray Donovan" unearthed a previously unknown sickening past.

Barresi, a Hollywood "fixer," discovered that Heard's father, a self-described animal lover, was once arrested, convicted, and sentenced for animal cruelty in Texas in the 1980s by running a vicious, callous, agonizing pit bull ring.

David Clinton Heard, who Amber has described as having "struggled with alcohol and drug abuse issues his whole life," ran an unspeakable animal abuse ring involving no less than seven pit bulls on his 10-acre property, according to criminal court filings obtained by Radar from Midland County, Texas.

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On the premises, law enforcement discovered narcotics and professional poker equipment. David pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15 days in prison, but he got off lightly on the charge of "cruelty to animals" by pleading "nolo contendere." This is a plea that is similar to pleading guilty. It has the same fundamental effects as the public acknowledgment of guilt, although it is not the exact same thing. 

Depp, ironically, was portrayed as an animal abuser in his high-profile High Court of London legal battle with The Sun newspaper, which labeled him a "wife-beater" in an April 2018 article.

The Sun's publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN), was sued by the 58-year-old Hollywood actor over the allegation that he was abusive against Heard, but the publication insisted that its piece was true.

One of the more alarming charges in a slew of devastating evidence - from claims of defecating in bed, drawing in blood on a mirror, and sordid disclosures of drug and alcohol addiction - was that Depp dangled a dog out of a moving car.

Depp reportedly dangled the dog out the window of a car in the presence of Heard, her sister, his assistant Holmes, and a driver.

When you were in the car, you were smoking and you opened the window and you were angry and you were aggressive... And you took hold of Pistol and you held her out of the window and started making howling noises," said Wass, the lawyer for The Sun. 

In his defense, the actor said that the act being accused of his was simply impossible.

Depp described this claim as an "absolute utter falsity" and "fraudulent," and explained, "I don't think hanging an animal, a small defenseless dog that weighs three pounds, out of a window is fun." 

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