Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are undoubtedly close to each other. A royal expert previously claims that the Royals have a "fantastic relationship," It was also reported that the Duchess of Cambridge has a direct line to the monarch to update her about her great-grandchildren. However, a previous report claims that the Queen initially opposed Middleton's lifestyle.

According to The Sun UK, Her Majesty previously made a "stinging" remark about Middleton's luxurious lifestyle and extravagant holidays before marrying Prince William.

Katie Nicholl, the author of a biography titled "William and Harry," claimed that Middleton's excessive splurge in "exotic holidays" had caught Queen Elizabeth's attention.

Nicholl wrote that if the Duchess was not with Prince William at their holiday estate in Balmoral, the couple is most likely to ski or spend the holiday on Mustique, a private island located in the Grenadines.

In addition, the author also noted that the press dubbed her as "Queen of Mustique" as she's always staying there for a vacation.

At the time, Britain was in a recession, and displays of wealth and luxury were "unpalatable to the Queen."

Express UK also covered the story saying Her Majesty is one of the hardest-working royals, and she allegedly felt Middleton's jet-set lifestyle, and unemployment was "unacceptable."

A source dishes to Nicholl that the Queen wants the Duchess to have a "proper job" if she will be Prince William's queen consort in the future.

A possible engagement made headlines at the time, and the Queen allegedly wants to postpone it until Middleton found a career path on her own. Nicholl wrote that Middleton felt "stung" by Her Majesty's criticism.

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"Although they had met several times at formal occasions the Queen knew little of the girl who has enchanted her grandson, and [at that time] had never had a one-to-one meeting." (via the outlet mentioned above)

The 'Queen of Mustique' Previously Belong To Princess Margaret

The private island located in the Caribbean is a favorite holiday destination of the Duchess of Cambridge. Still, the title "Queen of Mustique" previously belonged to Queen Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margret.

The Countess of Snowdon was given ten acres of land on the private island as a gift for her wedding. She built her villa, "Les Jolies Eaux," there.

A private company owns Mustique Island, and a private airline is the only way to get there. Many of the royals had spent the holidays there.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were reported to have stayed there for a "babymoon" before Prince George was welcomed to the world.

Another source told Fabulous Digital that the couple is going back to the island again in the future as they already know the people who are working there.

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