Joshua Jackson recently opened up about the toxic remarks his wife Jodie Turner-Smith has been getting online after the actor revealed that the model was the one who proposed instead of him.

According to Daily Mail UK, Jackson is not taking the racist words lightly, and he mentioned that the situation is a "real education" for him as a white man.

The "Affair" actor added that people have been commenting on her posts, and the surprising amount of "ignorance and ugliness" that comes on the actress' way is bothering him.

He also mentioned that it's a "necessary," although unpleasant, education for the public on treating Black bodies, especially Black females.

"It is not okay. We have a long way to go," he went on. (via the outlet mentioned above)

The issue came after his appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," when he revealed that the model was the one who asked him for marriage during a vacation months after they met.

During New Year's Eve in Nicaragua, Turner-Smith popped the question where he described the country as "beautiful" and "incredibly romantic."

"we were walking down the beach, and she asked me to marry her." The actor said on the show.

In addition, although they're only dating for a few months at the time, he mentioned that Turner-Smith is the right person for him, and it is the best choice he had ever made.

Jackson spoke to Refinery29 to express his dismay after revealing their engagement story.

The "Dawson's Creek" actor mentioned that he accidentally threw his wife under the bus because he didn't give the whole backstory behind her proposal.

He added that internet users were quick to judge and became racist and misogynistic. Jackson also revealed that there were two engagements as he also proposed to Turner-Smith "the old fashioned way" by bending his knees.

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Not Jodie Turner-Smith's First Time Being Criticized

Jodie Turner-Smith has been cautious regarding racism, leading to her decision to give birth at home.

According to Today, the couple welcomed their first child last April, and they decided to do a home birth instead of going to the hospital; It was more than personal preference.

She mentioned in an interview that there is an adverse birth outcome for Black women to give birth in America as the risk for pregnancy-related deaths is higher for people of color than for white women.

She added that it seems systematic racism for her. In addition, since the first COVID-19 wave occurred during the time of her birth, she was extra appreciative of the plan as the pandemic took a significant toll on hospital delivery rooms.

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