Before Bennifer 2.0 became a thing, people were actually rooting for Jennifer Lopez and her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez. They looked to be a match made in heaven because they're both into athletic things, love to have fun with each other, and just appeared to love each other very much. Now that they have broken up, ARod looks to be still hung up, with his actions sometimes being mistaken as either "still hoping," or "out for revenge."

For four years they were together and even planned on spending the rest of their lives together. Then the pandemic happened. They had the opportunity to spend more time together and yet at the end of it all, they still broke up. But this does not mean their nice moments can be quickly erased. Alex Rodriguez looks to be the one who's more stuck in the past than Jennifer Lopez though, who's reportedly busy planning more dates and PDA sessions with Ben Affleck.

This is why ARod's recent actions since Affleck and Lopez got back together, more so when Lopez purged him from her social media, can sometimes be construed as sending out feelers that he still misses her, or that he's mocking her for moving on so quickly. Fans just have to decide which one.

The Case of the Red Porsche

While Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 52nd birthday with a bang, making her relationship to Ben Affleck Instagram official, one can still remember how she celebrated happily her 50th in the arms of another. Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday in style in July 2019, with a spectacular celebration at a private residence on Star Island. Alex Rodriguez, her then-fiancé, also surprised her with a $140,000 red Porsche 911 GTS convertible.

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After little over two years and four months since their separation, it looks that ARod has reclaimed ownership of that expensive sports automobile, and many of his 3.9 million Instagram fans and followers were quick to notice, as reported by Daily Mail UK

ARod posted a snapshot of himself smiling with the red Porsche on Instagram on Wednesday, captioning it, "I'm super down to earth."

Not really understanding what his caption meant, fans were quick to ask whether he truly retrieved the gift back, or Lopez left it with him and now he's posting a picture of him with it to remind her what she lost. Does he miss her or is he mocking her?


Alex Rodriguez Missing Lopez or Mocking Her? 

The 46-year-old former New York Yankee star wore a tan two-piece suit with a matching tie, white dress shirt, and dark brown shoes in the photo. He can be seen leaning back on the left side of the hood with a few of showy automobiles parked next to it, including a Mercedes, wearing stylish sunglasses and flashing a huge beaming smile.

The tweet comes only days after the "Hustlers" actress unfollowed Rodriguez on Instagram and removed all of his photos from her feed. Despite the two-year gap, the majority of those who commented on the post identified the automobile in the photo as the one ARod presented to his ex-girlfriend for her 50th birthday. Fans never forget, after all. 

Some called him savage, while some called him smooth.

"You took the car back from JLo" and "So you kept the red toy!!" were common comments from the bewildered fans. 

One claimed this is Rodriguez' way of teasing Lopez. "Savage. Posing with the car he bought jlo for her bday lmfao."

Then there were some who are sure Rodriguez would not do this and simply posing with another red car, not the one he gifted Lopez.

Some speculated that he need not retrieve the car though, because Lopez left it with him. 

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