Onlyfans is a topic of a recent debate on Twitter after the company announced that they would be banning explicit content starting in October. Is this fair for celebrity content creators who already made billions of dollars combined?

According to the company's statement, as reported by Variety, the platform will prohibit any content that has "sexually explicit conduct," as they aim to ensure "long-term sustainability of the platform.

The platform stated that they would be releasing more information regarding the matter in the coming weeks. For now, patrons could enjoy their newly-released feature, OFTV, a free streaming service by the company.

Onlyfans TV will feature content from over 100 content creators, but they clarified that sexually explicit material would not be broadcast.

What Will Happen To Celebrity Content Creators?

Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey, Cardi B, Tyga, and more celebrities are known to post their explicit pictures and videos on the platform. They already made millions of dollars from it.

The company clarified that famous personalities and other content creators could still post nudity as long as it follows their "Acceptable Use Policy" guidelines.

However, nude content will be reported or banned if a particular photo or video was recorded or live streamed from a "jurisdiction where public nudity is illegal."

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OnlyFans' Statement Became a Heated Debate Topic On Twitter

After the platform issued its statement banning explicit material, internet users went wild, saying the company is unfair to content creators, especially sex workers.

"OnlyFans is SO GOOD because it allowed performers to make their own money on their own terms and not be subjected to a disgusting, exploitative industry. Very sad that more people could be pushed back into that as a result of their poor decision." Ethan Klein, a popular podcast host, wrote.

"OnlyFans restricting their content is one of the slimiest things ive seen a platform do. sex work is work and it was work that put onlyfans on the map and made it so successful. This sucks for the platform and it sucks 1000x more for the creators that put so much into it." Famous gaming creator, Crank Gameplays, wrote.

How Much Are Celebrities Earning From OnlyFans?

In early reports, Rob Kardashian's ex and the mother of his child, Blac Chyna, is considered the highest-earning content creator on the platform as she takes home an estimated $20 million monthly.

On the other hand, Bella Thorne made history by being the first creator on OnlyFans to earn a record-breaking $1 million in revenue within 24 hours of launching her page.

Celebrities' earnings vary as they have the right to change their subscription prices. Other people give it away for free, and in some cases, over $50 to $100 a month.

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