In Nov. 2017, Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a 5-carat gem estimated to be worth $140,000.

The former "Suits" actress then later made some changes to the ring presented to her, updating it with a gold band to a thinner band that is diamond-studded. The updated one also featured birthstones of her, her husband, and their firstborn, Archie.

However, a royal commentator has suggested that the Duchess of Sussex could upgrade it for the third time to feature her daughter's birthstones.

Peridot, emerald, and sapphire are already present in Meghan's engagement ring, but she might just have one more to accommodate her daughter's birthstone, which could be a pearl or alexandrite.

Melissa Willets of The List explained (via Express) that the first iteration of the ring had a yellow gold band, and despite it being very popular with other brides, the mom-of-two went another route with her engagement ring.

"The Duchess of Sussex altered the band to feature diamonds, pumping up the bling factor on the 6-carat bauble, which according to The Knot, is worth an incredible $350,000."

However, the alteration of the ring wasn't just Meghan's idea - but also Prince Harry's.

Per Melissa, the Duke of Sussex commissioned a diamond eternity band for his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary in 2019.

"The new engagement ring first debuted at Trooping the Color in 2019. According to Marie Claire, the band was created to pay tribute to the couple and their son, Archie."

The three birthstones are added to the underside of Meghan's engagement ring.

"As for whether or not Meghan will alter her ring now that baby Lilibet Diana is here remains to be seen."

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While Meghan Markle wants to add her current family's birthstones to her engagement, her sister-in-law Kate Middleton has added a personal touch to hers.

The Duchess of Cambridge's engagement ring originally came from Princess Diana. It was what Prince Charles has given to her, so everybody knew whose it was from.

"It is pretty much impossible to imagine the world-famous, 12-carat, sapphire engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton needing to be altered in any way."

The ring band was worn by the late Princess and was bigger for a thinner Kate, so they brought the ring to a jeweler to have it resized, per Express.

Without disrupting the original band, "Instead of resoldering the band, the jeweler decided to add small platinum beads inside so the 18-karat-gold ring would better fit William's soon-to-be bride."

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