R. Kelly received another damaging allegation as one of his accusers recalled how he forbade his "girlfriends" from watching "Surviving R. Kelly."

On Tuesday, an accuser stood before the court again and testified at R. Kelly's crimes. The woman, who shared her testimony under a pseudonym, revealed that the singer prevented her and another woman from seeing the documentary on Lifetime after its release in January 2019.

The bombshell documentary revealed the stories of the young women who reportedly lived with the disgraced singer. They also disclosed that they needed to cut ties with their family while performing sexual acts with him.

"He did let us know at the time that a documentary was coming out, and that everything in it was false," the accuser said. The same woman revealed on Monday that she had a five-year relationship with R. Kelly since she was 17.

"Surviving R. Kelly" was released after several accusations against the singer emerged. It also followed the #MeToo movement and the article by BuzzFeed News about his alleged "sex cult."

She also talked about the absurd rules the singer set for her and other girlfriends. Per the accuser, R. Kelly prevented her and other women from leaving the rooms without his permission. They were also constantly punished when they refused to call him "daddy."

How R. Kelly Prevented Them From Watching "Surviving R. Kelly"

In the same trial, the accuser said that the singer told his attorneys to send cease-and-desist letters to the people involved in the documentary. They were reportedly told to change the channel, as well, whenever the documentary suddenly popped out.

As of March 2019, the two women already left the homes. Still, R. Kelly asked them to join him in an interview with Gayle King for CBS News. However, the interview was seemingly scripted as the singer plotted his answers and joined the women in the talk.

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At that time, they had no choice but defended his conduct since the singer kept on reminding them that he was in the same room with them. Now that they could speak their part, the accuser clarified that the answers she told King were not true.

R. Kelly's trial will reportedly last for four weeks. The Brooklyn appearance came after the federal prosecutors charged him over several cases in June 2019.

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