North Carolina rapper Solemn Brigham has dropped his track "Keep the Hope" ahead of his upcoming debut album, "South Sinner Street." 

In his new song, Solemn talks about how to "Keep the Hope" alive, dropping hints about his own struggles to get where he is now. Using his signature lyricism, casually spitting tidbits that show his prolific mind. As he moves through the verses, delivered over an urban beat, "Keep the Hope" feels more and more intimate, even conversational.

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"Keep the Hope" is a part of the upcoming Solemn Brigham album, "South Sinner Street," set for a September 24 release. The release, which will be his debut studio album,  contains 14 tracks, with curious titles such as "Kingville" and "Future Brutha," in addition to the previously released track.

"What was once a vibrant area now survives as a reminder that the only thing eternal is change," Solemn Brigham says about where the project came from. "Trash and debris flood the streets, relics of the many lives lived--each piece with a story to tell."

"South Sinner Street" is poised to assert Solemn Brigham as an artist, a technical virtuoso who has been one of the most-anticipated artists in the underground hip-hop scene. A statement from his team describes the feels from the upcoming album as "climbing onto a house's roof to survey the nearly-burning city around you, with all the peril that entails--but also all the possibility."

Now available for pre-orders, Solemn Brigham has already dropped two tracks from "South Sinner Street" through his Bandcamp page: the recently released "Keep the Hope" and the free track "Dirty Whip." The two songs are already available for streaming through the Bandcamp app and are also available for high-quality download in multiple formats including MP3 and FLAC. Of course, those who avail the pre-order gets the entire "South Sinner Street" upon release.

About Solemn Brigham

Solemn Brigham is a rapper best known for his collaborative effort with fellow North Carolina native, L'Orange, as the halves of the alt-rap project Marlowe. The pair has been critically acclaimed and has been recognized as one of the most vocally acrobatic acts available today. Characterized by their unique blend of quick-fire rapping and dusty breakbeats, they achieved mainstream fame on works like "Lost Arts" and "Tales from the East."

The two separately remarkable artists got into Marlowe sometime in 2018, with the plan of finding a middle ground for Solemn Brigham, and his profound commentaries on real issues like poverty and police brutality, with L'Orange, known for his surreal vinyl sampling mixed with choice beats to create a unique experience.

For the latest information on Solemn Brigham, follow him on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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