Does Erika Jayne still have money?

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star kept a very expensive luxury amid her ongoing lawsuit.

According to The Sun, the reality star's glam squad is sticking by her side despite her legal scandal.

Since joining the hit Bravo show, Jayne heavily featured her glam squad throughout the years.

In 2018, the fan interest in her hair and makeup team became even more in demand when the 50-year-old told Wendy Williams on her show that her entire glam squad costs $40,000 a month to make her look good all the time.

An insider revealed to the publication, "Her squad is all genuine friends with her, they are not fair-weather friends that left when things got hard."

Thankfully for Erika Jayne, they all stayed with her and remained her true confidants throughout her entire ordeal, whether or not they are on her payroll.

However, the insider added that though they continue to work with her, they don't work with her as much during this season of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

But the glam squad doesn't just do her makeup in front of the camera, as well as off-camera too.

The insider confirmed that they are genuinely sticking by her side throughout the entire drama.

Additionally, each team member still gets paid for the work they are doing for her appearance, "they do what they can."

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Next week, a big season 11 reunion is also happening, and the insider told The Sun that the entire glam squad would be getting Erika Jayne ready for it.

Jayne's glam team includes Mikey Minden, Preston Meneses, Clyde Haygood, Laia, Eduardo Ponce, and many more. They continue to support the singer by posting uplifting messages Instagram captions.

Fans of the show are very used to seeing Jayne always on her full glam and beautiful hairstyles and, of course, her eccentric designer outfits.

Jayne never fails to bring her entire glam squad with her out of town or country trips for the show.

But more recently, she turned heads after being pictured with no glam done at all this summer in Los Angeles - something fans are not used to seeing at all.

Just this weekend, Erika Jayne was slapped with a $25 million lawsuit as part of her estranged husband's bankruptcy case.

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