Kanye West is caught in another controversy once again - this time, it regards his logo for his "Donda" album.

The 43-year-old rapper allegedly stole the logo design for his album's merch from a Black-owned business, Infinity G8ds.

The brand's creative director, Randy Dawkins, talked to the Daily Beast and stated that the "All Of The Light" rapper's merch features a direct and similar copy of the logo they used on Infinity G8ds.

"It's disappointing," Dawkins said. "We don't have any bad vibes or bad feelings toward him, we actually like the dude. But how he handled business? Well, that's another story."

The black shirts from "Donda's" merch have been designed, such as "2024," an image of Kanye's childhood home, and even the picture of his late mom.

But it was noticed that a few neutral-colored shirts featured religious signs looking the exact way to Dawkin's brand.

The "Donda" shirts were stamped with a stretched-out Star of David that also featured a thin cross in the middle situated a couple of inches just below the collar.

Underneath, the merch has the bold letters "Donda" along with the date of the event.


Kanye's merch cost between $60 and $200. The neutral-colored shirts were sold at $100 at the Aug. 5 "Donda" listening party held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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In late July, per Dawkins, Kanye's personal chef, Willie Wallace, got in touch with Infinity G8ds.

"I was on the phone directly talking to Kanye. He was like, 'Bro, I really love your design. It's really dope. When can I meet you to talk about your process?'"

The brand designer's crew was also able to meet Kanye on July 26, with Dawkins saying, "The conversation was pretty general. He just wanted to understand our process. We explained it to him and broke it down. He was loving the whole idea, the whole design."

Dawkins said of the entire controversy that Kanye had many chances to say that they should collab; however, he believes that the rapper didn't see any reason to involve them in the process.

However, he told the Daily Beast that he's not bad at the "Jesus Is King" rapper. He was hoping that Ye would've supported them and helped their co-Black brand "some exposure, some visibility."

Kanye West has not commented on the matter as of writing.

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