Lana Del Rey announces that she's quitting social media for good, because of much-needed privacy. However, some are calling her out on it, claiming her real reason must be because she can no longer stand the heat in the kitchen after all the controversies she was caught in, more so when she joined the world of social media in 2011. 

As reported by TMZ, Lana Del Rey has made the announcement of hanging it up online and unplugging completely from it all. For how long is unclear, but it appears for good for now. 

The folk singer announced Sunday that she's deactivating all of her social media platforms starting Monday because starting up some new stuff in her life that would require her to be off the radar all the time. She needs to have utmost privacy and transparency, the meaning of which the news outlet says is unclear. What is just clear is that she now views social media - even though she's the one in control of what she posts - as a threat to her privacy. 

Fans who want to hear more from her should not fret.

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Lana Del Rey explains that she's not going to vanish - she's still going to be releasing music, writing poetry and create all the other creative products for the consumption of her fans -- but she just won't have a Twitter/IG handle anymore to promote or spread them. Or more importantly, to know about people's feedback about them through her social media accounts. Some feel that she just could no longer handle her endless stream of critics. 

This is what she officially partly said during the announcement: "For right now, I think I'm going to just keep my circle a little bit closer and continue to develop some other skills and interests." 

Netlizens however believe she has another reason, more tied to the fact that the online world was not particularly kind to her many faux pas. Some are actually relieved that she's making this move, because she committed one too many errors and been embroiled in one too many controversies already.

Instead of just putting out her creative stuff out there, she was already lambasted for various cultural appropriation accusations, glamorizing rape/sexual assault, erroneously speaking up on behalf of Black people as well as their culture, and many more insensitive and tone-deaf actions. 


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