John Mulaney is now happily in a relationship and expecting a baby with girlfriend Olivia Munn, 41.

The 39-year-old "Saturday Night Live" star and wife of seven years Annamarie Tendler, 36, divorced in May.

Now, rumors suggest that Tendler hooked up with the internet's boyfriend, Timothee Chalamet, 25.

This all stemmed from blind submission to Instagram blind gossip page, DeuxMoi.

The post reads, "An artist and comedian's wife who just went through a very public separation and divorce recently hooked up with the man her ex made jokes about her being in love with."

The famous account takes blind submissions from the public that can be posted despite not being verified.

However, DeuxMoi did predict Munn's pregnancy before it was confirmed that she was expecting a bun in the often. The page also nailed a few celebrity relationships, so it's safe to assume they have insider knowledge.

Once the post went viral, many fans immediately assumed it referred to Annamarie Tendler because of John Mulaney's past comments about Timothee Chalamet.

In a Netflix special "Hilarity for Charity" released in 2018 where Mulaney had a part, he revealed in his skit, "My wife is in love with this Timothee Clamaet son of a b----h."

"it's a joke when she kids me about it, but it's not a joke."

During his opening monologue at the Independent Spirit Awards, Mulaney also mentioned the "Call Me By Your Name" actor.

He told the audience, "You know who's, like, in love with Timothee Chalamet? My wife."

"It hurts my feelings."

And what does Timothee Chalamet had to say to John Mulaney's jokes?

He acknowledged some of them online, which meant he knew that Mulaney's wife was really into him. They even got back and forth in the past over Tender's love for the French-American actor.

In April 2018, when a fan asked if he had seen the clip of Mulaney mentioning him at the Independent Spirit Awards, Chalamet responded on Twitter, "Yes I watched it from the gas station."

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Do Timothee Chalamet and Annamarie Tendler Know Each Other?

It's unclear if the two know each other, but it is known that both Timothee Chalamet and Annamarie Tendler attended the same university - New York University.

Chalamet moved to NYU's Gallatin School of Individualized Study after his career took off and was still studying there until 2017.

Meanwhile, Tendler started her graduate program in costume studies at NYU Steinhardt in 2018.

Perhaps they were introduced by their colleagues.

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